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  • Can I use my Repour winesaver for more than one bottle? Repour was carefully designed to absorb the oxygen of one bottle of wine, savored over several glasses, over an extended period of time. If used on a second bottle, it may lose its oxygen-absorbing capacity before you are done with your bottle. So, when your bottle is done, so is the Repour stopper. To ensure effectiveness, start with a new Repour winesaver with each new bottle.
  • Does Repour change the taste or aroma of the wine? Repour was designed to keep your wine just as fresh as when you first opened it, in both taste and aroma. So far testing of Repour on red, white, and rose wines by winemakers, sommeliers, and other experts indicate that indeed both taste and aroma are unaffected by the Repour technology. Because Repour so significantly decreases the amount of oxygen, we are currently testing further on certain oxidative style wines such as Sherry, wines from the Jura, etc... We will post our findings shortly!
  • Do I need to let my wine “open up” again once I return for another glass? Because Repour works so effectively to reduce the oxygen from the airspace above the wine, and from the wine itself, we have found that it can be helpful to allow a moment for the wine to “open up” again when returning for another glass. A simple swirl, or even aeration may be helpful.
  • Can Repour be recycled?  Yes, Repour is made of 100% recyclable materials. Recycling standards and processes vary by municipality in the U.S., so we recommend checking with your city's recycling program to understand exact methods of recycling Repour in your area.  To make it super easy, we offer a Repour Recycles program with all 72-Pack orders.  Simply return your spent Repour stoppers in the shipment box, using the pre-paid shipment label, and send it our way.  We'll be happy to recycle the stoppers for you.   
  • What is the shelf life of an un-used (new) Repour stopper? The simple answer is a minimum of two years. After two years, if you place the Repour stopper on a bottle of wine and use it through five glasses of wine, you may see sub-optimal performance on the fifth glass. If you do not require five full glasses of wine from the stopper, then it will easily last 3-5 years.
  • My Repour stopper seems to "pop up" slightly on some bottles. How do I know if my bottle is securely stopped with Repour?  Repour was designed for a variety of wine bottle neck diameters.  I designed sufficient ribbing (on the rubber area of the stopper), which gradually broadens from bottom to top of the ribbing area, to ensure a proper seal on 99% of bottle neck diameters.  Depending on your exact bottle diameter, sometimes the stopper will "rise" just a little before sealing, and that's just fine. For a bottle to be sealed properly, you only need ONE of the ribs to fully contact the inside edge of the bottle neck.  In the majority of cases, you will see multiple ribs sealing the bottle. On most bottles you can hold the bottle neck (with Repour stopper in it) up to the light and see the actual ribs that are in full contact -- the rib lines will show fully widened to the outer edge of the bottle neck. So, go ahead and give it a good push,  you can't hurt the bottle.  Now go ahead, and enjoy that wine.
  • With Repour, should I still refrigerate my opened wine in an effort to further reduce its deterioration? Because Repour removes ALL (and not just some) of the oxygen from the wine (that's our magic!), the use of refrigeration to slow the breakdown process is not needed. However, if you like to refrigerate your wine for preference (i.e. chilling white wine), you can go ahead without concern; it will not interfere with Repour's ability to preserve your wine beautifully, for as long as you will enjoy it.