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Repour Wine Saver Family of Wine Preservation Stoppers

Whether on-premise or off-premise, using Repour will improve the bottom line and delight your customers.  Apply below to get started.

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I am a wine retailer and my husband is a wine distributor so between our two businesses we can have up to a dozen bottles open at once. These are saving us from spoilage and we haven't dumped one single bottle out yet. I love selling Repour in my shop. Everyone has a story when it comes to wine and how they drink it and many of my customers LOVE knowing they have a real preservation option. Repour also makes a great inexpensive host gift and stocking stuffer!!! I can't say enough great things about this product. It is the real deal! - Traci Weber, First Avenue Wines
We pour over 70 wines by the taste and by the glass in our wine shop and tasting room in Yountville. Before using Repour, we were wasting quite a bit of wine. The Coravin is not optimized for pouring two ounce pours over a long period of time, so when bottles would get below 1/2 full, they would start to oxidize and we would have to use them quickly or lose them. Since we started using Repour in July, our lost wine on bottles we use a Repour on have dropped to nearly zero. Thanks for creating such a brilliant product. - Kevin Vogt, Master Sommelier (MS) and Owner of Wine Country Connections (wine shop and tastings), Yountville, CA