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Fresher Wine Starts Here

Repour's technology is revolutionizing BTG wine programs!

How it Works

Pop the Cork
One Repour will keep one bottle of wine fresh until the bottle is empty. Use Repour like a regular wine stopper in between glasses.

Keep Wine Fresh Longer
Repour removes 100% of the oxygen from wine. With no oxygen, the wine stays fresh.

Give it a Swirl
Repour works so well your wine may need a little air before your first sip.

  • Eliminate wine loss and stop pouring wine down the drain.
  • Add more variety and expand your BTG program.
  • Enhance your BTG program with higher-quality wines.
  • Improve profitability and your bottom line.
  • Never serve an "off" glass of wine to a customer again.
  • Repour is as easy as putting a stopper in a bottle.

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Save wine. Save money. Satisfy customers.

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