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Our game changing wine preservation stopper provides a simple, effective way for you to keep your favorite wine fresh.

Simply pop the Repour stopper into the bottle and the unique oxygen absorbing technology within the stopper gets to work removing the oxygen within the bottle that causes your wine to deteriorate.

Research shows that Repour reduces the oxygen levels within the bottle to well below 0.05% (Dissolved Oxygen in the wine to less than 0.03 ppm; that's pretty much ALL the oxygen)!  Existing wine preservation products only remove some of the oxygen.  Well, that's simply not adequate.  Any amount of oxygen continues to degrade the wine, which is why the existing products to date only extend the wine for a few more days.  With Repour, you can enjoy your favorite wine for months. We say cheers again and again to that!

If you are a retailer, please go to our Retailers page to become a Repour retailer or to login to your account and order wholesale direct through this site.  Retailer orders over $99 receive free U.S. ground shipping.

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