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Natalie MacLean

Wine Writer, Wine Reviewer, Wine Instructor


Personally, I love this gadget because I'm so picky about drinking fresh wine. It allows me to open different bottles so I can have a glass of Pinot one night and a Syrah the next. It also means I don't feel obligated to finish a really expensive wine because it will still be fresh when I go back to it even a week later.

Andrea Pritzker

Andrea Pritzker

Master of Wine


Intrigued by the claims made about Repour, I was keen to give it a try. For two months, I trialed Repour on a variety of white, red and sweet wines at various ullage levels over periods up to two weeks at a time.

I was incredibly impressed with how well Repour performed, preserving the exact aromas and flavors of the wine as they were on the day the wine was opened.

It's simple, easy to use and can be reused over the life of a bottle, making it ideal for both home and professional use. Best of all, it's recyclable. I was so pleased with the product I've bought some for myself and will be recommending it to my students and customers.

Ron Georgiou

Master of Wine


Repour could be a game changer. I trialed it for 4 weeks on numerous varieties and on bottles from different countries. I have taken different amounts of wine out of each bottle to see if there was any impact on the quality of the wine dependent on the amount of oxygen in the bottle. In all cases the wine presented beautifully on opening. If anything, the system works too well…you need to allow some small time of air exposure again to freshen the wine.

A great, simple, and cost effective product that has a place in any wine lover’s home or in any commercial operation. This is a product for those who care about delivering a quality wine down to the last drop in the best possible condition.

Ron Georgiou

Jon McDaniel

Food + Wine Magazine Sommelier of the Year


As a sommelier and wine professional, maintaining the freshness of each bottle for my guests is a top priority. From the first time I tested Repour in my restaurants and on my personal wines, I was incredibly impressed with how days—even weeks-- after opening the bottle, that the integrity and flavor profile of the wine was still completely intact.

If you’re looking for an easy to use system to keep your wines as fresh as the day you opened them, then you should definitely look to Repour.

Harley Carbery



When running a wine program with several higher end by the glass wines, I found Repour to be the best option for preserving them. It’s always nicer to have a glass poured for you from the bottle compared to other options in the market, especially if you’re paying a premium for the glass of wine! The cost of Repour makes them much more effective that other options in the market as well.

Luke Pierce

Owner at Lawbird Wine Bar, Columbus, OH


One of the things we miss the most about operating a wine bar is the ability to pour ourselves a glass of any number of great wines, whatever and whenever the mood struck us. Now it’s more of a “what are we feeling like tonight, babe?” conversation and, to be honest, we’re not always feeling like drinking the same thing! Enter Repour.

These cool little caps are genius and integral in preserving the freshness of your wine. Basically, they ABSORB oxygen, as opposed to displacing it – to the point that your bottles may need to “open up” a little bit again while using it. Also, they are 100% recyclable – which is AWESOME!

Now we can open a few bottles throughout the week, of different varieties and continue to enjoy them at peak freshness for as long as they last (which sometimes isn’t all that long).


Kevin Vogt

Master Sommelier and Owner of Wine Country Connections, Yountville, CA


We pour over 70 wines by the taste and by the glass in our wine shop and tasting room.  Before Repour, we were wasting quite a bit of wine. Coravin is not optimized for pouring two ounce pours over a long period of time, so when bottles would get below 1/2 full, they would start to oxidize and we would have to use them quickly or lose them. Since we started using Repour, our lost wine on bottles has dropped to nearly zero.  Thanks for creating such a brilliant product.
Kevin Vogt Master Sommelier endorses Repour
Will Costello Master Sommelier endorses Repour

Will Costello

Master Sommelier


After 6 weeks of testing Repour on a number of different wines, and using the skills I have learned over my career as a Master Sommelier, I can say Repour is one of the most astonishing products I have seen in over 10 years. I use the word astonishing exactly to its definition; “extremely surprising or impressive; amazing."

Michael Meagher

Master Sommelier and Principal, Sommelier On-Demand Hospitality Services


Everyone with restaurant experience knows the sad story of a great bottle of wine being opened for a glass pour, then it gets sent to the purgatory of hanging around the back bar, going unsold for a few days. Until one day the cork is pulled and sadly the remains of that bottle have to be poured down the drain, or sent to the kitchen for cooking, as it's just a shadow of the greatness that it once was. The fact that Repour brings spoilage down to nearly nil, in and of itself is a really big deal.

Michael Meagher
Jason Caballero Advanced Sommelier and Lead Sommelier at Michael Mina Bourbon Steak, Fairmont Scottsdale Princess, endorses Repour Wine Saver

Jason Caballero

CEO & Wine Director, Wrigley Mansion, Phoenix, AZ


Repour is an incredible little slice of simplicity when it comes to preserving wine. It is convenient for a myriad of reasons: No need to scrub a machine, no need to keep up with gas, you get to use all of the wine in the bottle, and it doesn’t take 40 minutes to pour a glass of wine. From a straight cost-saving perspective, it’s worth its weight in gold. Anyone can use them, and you don’t need training to pull a “cork” out and pour wine. The fact that the wine has to reopen is absolutely amazing! Wines have stayed ridiculously fresh, and I won’t use anything else from here on out when it comes to managing the Reserve By-The-Glass program.

Mark Guillaudeu

Master Sommelier, Wrigley Mansion, Phoenix, AZ


My staff is trained to automatically Repour every bottle opened for BTG at the end of service. Before Repour, I was dumping between $180 and $300 (wine cost) every week. With Repour, the savings are huge and obvious. Repour cut my program COGs by 4% the first month I used it and, subsequently, allows me to open and pour nicer wines on our pairing menu because I know they won't go to waste.

The Wine Guys

One of the leading voices on social media, @thewineguys offer reviews of wineries and wine. 


We don't usually vouch for wine products, especially when it comes to wine savers (we've tried them all, and only a few work), but Repour is an incredible product we recently tried that's too good not to share! We tested it on two bottles between one week and two week intervals, and there was no detectable signs of oxidation or change. Extremely user friendly, no complicated pumps needed, just plug and go, and it helps that it's pretty cheap, too.  We aren't getting paid or compensated for this post, we genuinely do love this product and recommend it to all levels of wine lovers!

Gregory Stokes

GM & Advanced Sommelier


Repour is nothing short of a revolutionary product that has become absolutely essential to doing business and running a BTG program today. You don't have to worry about losing wine to oxidation or having to fuss with slow and expensive devices like a Coravin. With Repour, we can pour quickly during service, and now we can save all of our BTG wines - not just the expensive ones - from being wasted due to oxidation. I recommend Repour to every wine lover and industry person I meet.

Andrew Harris @ausomm

General Manager, Rocca, Tampa, FL


"This is a pretty damn cool new technology! I took a bottle of a 2005 Croix du Beaucaillou that I poured 3 glasses out of and then put the stopper in. I let it sit for 13 days then opened it and tried it with my executive chef, who has one of the best palates I have ever seen. Both of us were pretty amazed to see that the wine was perfectly sound. The folks at @repourwinesver didn't pay me....just want ya'll to quit wasting wine by pouring it out. Check it out!"

Scott Neal

Winemaker at Coeur de Terre Vineyard


A wine saver that actively removes the harmful oxygen from your wine keeping it fresh for months....even when enjoyed glass-by-glass. Cheers!

Bobbie Burgess

Sommelier, Restaurant Tyler, Starkville, MS


Thanks to Repour, we have really changed how we serve wine. We are a small restaurant, and Repour allows us to offer BTG wines people typically aren’t familiar with. We are now serving 32 wines BTG - up from 10 before Repour - and our wine sales are up 500% since we have been using them! We use Repour on all of our still wines and on our dessert wines, too; they are fantastic on vintage Port. Since we made the switch, there has been zero wine loss, and we are saving more than $400/week in wine damages — and making money where we used to lose it. Thank you for creating such a wonderful and necessary product. This is something we truly believe in, and every restaurant and bar should get on board and start using them.

Gary Luchtel

Owner and Winemaker, Fortunati Vineyards, Napa, CA


I finally reopened that bottle of wine I closed with Repour five months ago (at 65% full). The wine showed no evidence of acetic acid increase. Argon could not have done this job unless maybe, and that is a big maybe, you gas it daily and chill it in the fridge. I'm a believer.

Rick Dean

Wine Blogger and Photographer


After a 4-day test stopped with Repour on an Oregon Pinot Noir: Does it taste the same today as it did on Monday? Let's find out! The nose is beautiful...very berry...color has stayed the same which means that there has been no we go...(taste)...It's remarkable. It tastes as fresh right now as it did on Monday... This is a $32 bottle of spending $1.50 to save the bottle so I can drink this wine over several days or several weeks makes a lot of sense to me.

Elizabeth Dames

Advanced Sommelier


Most wine preservation products I have tried are cost and time prohibitive. Since we started using Repour, I'm saving hundreds of dollars each month on wine waste. Repour is both effective and easy to use. We've been able to expand our BTG offerings in our a la carte dining and reduced waste considerably for our banquet business. Repour is working great for us!

Anthony Garcia



We all want wine to last forever, especially after it’s been uncorked. You perhaps, selfishly, tasted an epiphany wine and now you want others to taste the hype. But wine exposed to the elements starts turning into vinegar or cooking wine with every passing minute. Don’t read me wrong, oxygen is great for wine for it allows the wine to evolve, but like everything in life, it should be exposed in moderation. As sommeliers, we look for ways to expose everyone to the endless world of wine, but besides being wine liberators, we also need to look at our bottom line. Opening an expensive bottle of wine for someone to have one glass doesn’t make financial sense, but Repour has the solution. I admire what Repour has accomplished here. The stopper removes harmful oxygen from inside, keeping the wine fresh. I tested it with 4 different wines of different varietals and bottle shapes and I’m very pleased with the results. It has a "one fits all" closure and it really does save wine lives. This product gives Megan and I the flexibility to have only one glass each and we still are able to enjoy the rest of the bottle at a later date. We love this product and will be using it far into the future.
Jeff Quint, Owner of Cedar Ridge Vineyards

Jeff Quint

The owner of Cedar Ridge Winery & Distillery in Swisher, IA was one of the first to test Repour in his tasting room, and he loved it!


Here at Cedar Ridge our restaurant closes every Sunday and we don’t re-open until Wednesday. In the past that meant every Sunday we had to pour out hundreds of dollars of wine. Now, with Repour, we simply replace the corks with the stopper when we leave here on Sunday. When we come back on Wednesday the wines are as fresh as they were when we opened them.

Wes Hagen



"Repour has revolutionized how I use and handle wine samples in the market. Where I used to get one or two days of fresh wines in my sample bag, I can use Repour to stretch those samples for weeks with no loss in quality. Between our tasting room and my samples in the market, Repour is destined to save wineries thousands of dollars a year!"