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Sommeliers blind taste testing Repour

We feel strongly that if Repour doesn’t wow the most experienced wine experts, it’s not good enough for anyone else. So we engaged wine experts to test and review the Repour Wine Saver, and from the beginning, their feedback has been strong and positive: Repour would provide significant benefit to restaurant and bar owners by saving opened bottles of wine they have to throw out today, and by allowing them to offer more wines by the glass. Moreover, Repour was designed as a "quick pour" solution, saving on premise managers valuable serving time.  In short? Repour will save them a lot of money while improving the guest experience. Who wouldn’t love that?

Kevin M. Vogt., M.S., is a celebrated Master Sommelier, wine & spirits judge, lecturer, writer, and wine producer. In 1999 Mr. Vogt was the 88th person worldwide to be named to the Court of Master Sommeliers.  For twenty years he served as the Wine Director and Sommelier for Chef Emeril Lagasse’s restaurants in Las Vegas.  Mr. Vogt is an acclaimed Wine Judge and was recognized with a Wine Spectator Grand Award in 2004 for his wine list at Delmonico Steakhouse. Only 88 wine lists in the world have achieved this merit of excellence.   In 2005 Mr. Vogt produced his own wine, Mastery, a highly regarded Napa Valley cabernet sauvignon.  Since 2016 he has been the Vice President and Partner at Wine Country Connection, an online retailer, wine shop with tasting bar in Yountville, CA.  Mr. Vogt has this to say about Repour:

We pour over 70 wines by the taste and by the glass in our wine shop and tasting room in Yountville.  Before using Repour, we were wasting quite a bit of wine.  The Coravin is not optimized for pouring two ounce pours over a long period of time, so when bottles would get below 1/2 full, they would start to oxidize and we would have to use them quickly or lose them.  Since we started using Repour in July, our lost wine on bottles we use a Repour on have dropped to nearly zero.  Thanks for creating such a brilliant product.
Kevin Vogt Master Sommelier endorses Repour
Jeff Quint, Owner of Cedar Ridge Vineyards

Jeff Quint, Owner of Cedar Ridge Vineyards, was one of the first to field test Repour in his tasting room and loved it:

Here at Cedar Ridge our restaurant closes every Sunday and we don’t re-open until Wednesday. In the past that meant every Sunday we had to pour out hundreds of dollars of wine. Now, with the Repour Wine Saver, we simply replace the corks with the stopper when we leave here on Sunday. When we come back on Wednesday the wines are as fresh as they were when we opened them.

We Put Repour Through a Blind Taste Test with Sommeliers, and It Passed with Flying Colors

In January 2017, we conducted our first blind taste test of Repour-saved wine with a group of Certified Sommeliers. They performed a blind evaluation of freshly opened bottles vs. bottles previously opened and saved with Repour, tasting Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc, and Pinot Noir. 

While extensive consumer and wine expert field testing prior to the Sommelier blind test had given us confidence that Repour really does work, we were nonetheless delighted with the results from our first official Sommelier blind taste test: All Sommeliers found Repour to be effective and would recommend it for preservation of wine in both a restaurant and a home setting.


Would You Like a Sample?

Are you a wine expert or Sommelier? We would love to have you field test Repour and give us your feedback. (We’re betting you’ll become a fan). Just take a brief moment to submit the following information and we’ll get free samples out to you right away.