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Repour Sponsors TEXSOM, Premier Global Wine Event

July 03 2018 by Repour Press

Repour to be used to preserve wine at TEXSOM, the world’s premier sommelier conference in August

CEDAR RAPIDS, IA – JULY 3, 2018 – Repour Wine Saver is celebrating its first year anniversary with participation in a key wine industry event, TEXSOM as a Gold level sponsor. In just a short 12 months, Repour has quickly garnered the endorsement of renowned wine industry experts and has expanded distribution to Europe, Asia and Australia. Repour will be a wine preservation method used at the premier industry event to be held in Las Colinas, TX on August 11 through 13.
Repour caught the attention of the TEXSOM expert panel because of its unrivaled ability to eliminate all of the dissolved oxygen in the wine itself, making it the first and only wine preservation method to effectively keep wine in its original fresh state for months. As one of the most significant breakthroughs in wine preservation, Repour’s novel oxygen absorbing approach makes it a logical participant at TEXSOM. The focus of TEXSOM is to advance the wine industry and ensure that the sommelier profession and beverage-service industry stay community-minded and cutting-edge. Founded in 2005, TEXSOM is now one of the most lauded events in the world of wine, and brings together the Court of Master Sommeliers, GuildSomm, the SommFoundation and the Wine and Spirits Education Trust.
“Repour has experienced a tremendous first year on the market,” said Tom Lutz, Founder of Repour. “From our successful Kickstarter campaign to several endorsements of celebrated Master Sommeliers to growing international distribution, our product has clearly resonated with wine enthusiasts across the globe. Repour is proud to not only be a sponsor of the prestigious TEXSOM, but to have our wine saver used during the conference.”
TEXSOM conference features a select group of top global wine experts including 22 Master Sommeliers, 12 Masters of Wine, the Chief Executive of the Wine and Spirits Education Trust, among others. The event is currently sold out with 1,300 attendees registered.
The Repour Wine Saver is the very first wine preservation product to utilize active and continuous oxygen absorption to effectively remove all of the dissolved oxygen in the wine, keeping wine effectively fresh for months.  Repour is very easy for consumers to use:  Simply remove a foil seal on the bottom of the stopper, then insert the stopper in the bottle, in place of the original cork.  Inside the stopper is a novel FDA-approved oxygen absorber, which gets immediately to work absorbing all oxygen in the air above the wine and the wine itself for as long as the bottle is in use.    
More Information on Repour
Lutz has patents-pending on Repour’s design and has successfully completed independent 3rd party lab testing and validation, as well as blind taste tests by wine industry experts.
The product is offered in single, 4-pack, 10-pack, and 72-pack options, with pricing ranging from $0.58 to $1.59/stopper when purchased wholesale.
Consumers can order Repour on Amazon and Interested and qualified stores, restaurants, and bars can purchase wholesale from Repour easily through  In addition to the U.S., Repour is also being sold in Europe, Australia and Asia. 
About Tom Lutz
Tom Lutz is the founder and inventor of the Repour Wine Saver.  He has both a Ph.D. in chemistry and an MBA.  He has prior experience bringing new products to market across a variety of industries.  His passions are family, triathlons, and developing innovative products that improve people’s lives. 
About Repour
Repour is the Cedar Rapids, IA-based manufacturer of the innovative Repour Wine Saver. More information on Tom’s story and how Repour works can be found at, on Repour’s YouTube channel, and on social media at @repourwinesaver.