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On-premise wine preservation

Finally, wine preservation made easy, affordable, and effective.

Repour’s oxygen-absorbing technology is revolutionizing wine management:

  • Easy and effectively preserve wine for less than $1.00 per bottle
  • Expand your by-the-glass offering with more variety and higher quality wines
  • Eliminate the expense associated with wine waste to improve COGS
  • Improve profitability; make money on glasses two, three, four, and five!
  • Stop wasting precious time with devices and get back to your customers
  • Never serve spoiled wine again
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Repour is available wholesale in six sizes

Repour wholesale sizes
  • Single (perfect for gifts, POP, and trials)
  • Single with Hanger (for gifting on bottles)
  • 4-Pack (great starter option for consumers and hostess gift
  • 10-Pack (for more frequent users)
  • 72-Pack (most economical option for on-premise use)
  • Two POP Displays (Single and 4-Pack Options) excellent for retail

Repour wholesale sizes

Custom branded Repour stoppers build positive and lasting brand impact

  • Available in all product sizes.
  • An upcharge of 20-30% applies depending on the size of packaging purchased.
  • A minimum order of 1,000 stoppers applies.
  • Custom-branded Repour Wine Savers are perfect for sales reps, corporate gifts, event give-aways, or retail sales.

Thanks to Repour, we have really changed how we are able to serve wine. We are a smaller (but growing) restaurant, and Repour allows us to offer wines by-the-glass which people typically aren’t familiar with. We are now serving 32 wines BTG - up from 10 before Repour - and our wine sales are up 500% in the 3 months we have been using them! We use Repour on all of our still wines and on our dessert wines, too; they are fantastic on vintage Port. Since we made the switch, there has been zero waste due to spoilage, and we are saving more than $400/week in wine damages — and making money where we used to lose it. Thank you for creating such a wonderful and necessary product. This is something we truly believe in, and every restaurant and bar should get on board and start using them. Bobbie Burgess, Sommelier Restaurant Tyler Starkville, MS
Restaurant Tyler Serving Wine by the Glass using Repour Wine Saver
Repour is an incredible little slice of simplicity when it comes to preserving wine. It is majorly convenient for a myriad of reasons: No need to scrub a machine, no need to keep up with gas, you get to use all of the wine in the bottle, and it doesn’t take 40 minutes to pour a glass of wine. From a straight cost saving perspective, it’s worth its weight in gold. Anyone can use them, you don’t need training to pull a “cork” out and pour wine.

The face that the wine has to reopen is absolutely amazing and almost unbelievable! The wines have stayed ridiculously fresh. I won’t use anything else from here on out when it comes to managing the Reserve By-The-Glass program. Jason Caballero, Advanced Sommelier (Court of Master Sommeliers), Lead Sommelier, Michael Mina Bourbon Steak – Fairmont Scottsdale Princess