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The Repour stopper provides a simple, effective way for you to keep your favorite wine fresh once opened. Simply pop the Repour stopper into the bottle and the unique oxygen absorbing technology within the stopper gets to work removing the oxygen within the bottle that causes your wine to deteriorate.

The 72-Pack is perfect for restaurants, bars, and tasting rooms, or for any wine enthusiast at home, who will be using Repour frequently.  The box measures 8"W x 8"H x 8"D and holds three trays of 24 stoppers each.  Each tray is less than 2.5"H with stoppers so can easily be stored in drawers for quick and easy access and use. 

Our Repour Recycles program is available with 72-Packs,  With this program, we provide a pre-paid and printed return label in every 72-pack shipping box, making it easy for you to return your used Repour stoppers and we will recycle them for you.