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Barb Tyree Joins Repour as Director of Business Development

January 01 2019 by Repour Press
Barb Tyree, Director of Business Development for Repour

Barb Tyree, CSW (Certified Specialist of Wine), is a dynamic and creative professional who blends a love for wine with over 15 years of experience in the retail and service industries, primarily focused on category management, sales, and customer education.  Her years as a Flight Attendant led to her passion for wine as she caught the “wine bug” on a trip to France—and ended up working in a wine shop in Paris on her layovers in the “City of Light”. She considers herself fortunate to now work in an industry she cares so deeply about and even more fortunate to be a member of the Repour team. A big fan of the “smart little wine preservation stopper”, she calls it industry-changing and revolutionary and is committed to saving wine from going down the bottle at a time.

A Virginia native, Barb has lived in Jacksonville, Florida for 9 years with her husband, Henry.  When not spreading Repour love, she enjoys creating new food and wine pairings, cooking, reading, and exploring all of Florida’s neighborhoods and beaches.

 Fun facts about Barb:

  • Favorite wine region to visit is Alsace, France.
  • Favorite wine is Pinot Noir.
  • Dream vacation is an around-the-world cruise on a big ship in a big suite.
  • If she could live in one place, it would be on the Amalfi Coast in Italy.