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Repour Wine Saver Introduces Custom-Branded Stoppers

August 20 2018 by Repour Press

Custom-Branded Repour  Stoppers Provide Unique and Powerful Branding Opportunity for Wine Industry Members and other Corporate Branding Initiatives

CEDAR RAPIDS, IA – AUGUST 20, 2018-  Repour Wine Saver is celebrating its first year anniversary with the launch of custom-branded stoppers, in response to demand from industry organizations.  “I started getting requests from wine labels and other industry organizations to put their brand on the Repour stopper.  After a few of these, I realized that there is a lot of value in Repour as a branded promotional product, and that this was something we needed to offer,” said Repour Inventor and Founder, Tom Lutz.
The Repour Wine Saver is the very first wine preservation method to be provided in a simple disposable wine preservation stopper.  Until now, wine preservation methods and products have been expensive, complicated, gadgety, and ultimately ineffective.
The magic of Repour lies inside each stopper, where an oxygen-absorbing material actively and continuously removes oxygen from the wine itself, keeping wine fresh for months.  Users simply remove a foil seal on the bottom of the stopper, then insert the stopper in the bottle, in place of the original cork.  Inside the stopper is a novel FDA-approved oxygen absorber, which gets immediately to work absorbing all oxygen in the air above the wine and the wine itself for as long as the bottle is in use. “Our customers love it because Repour is not only effective, but it is incredibly easy to use,” said Lutz.
As one of the most significant breakthroughs in wine preservation, Repour’s novel oxygen absorbing approach to wine preservation got the attention of industry experts, including wine labels who began asking for their brand to be put directly on the stopper. 
To support the introduction of the custom-branded stopper, Repour has entered into a distribution partnership with the Main St. Group, headquartered in Toronto, Canada, with additional offices in Vancouver, San Francisco, and Chicago.   Main St. designs and produces marketing programs and tools for both the retail and on-premise beverage sector.  “The Main St. Group’s expertise and reach in retail promotional, POP, and packaging make it a great partner for us as we work to increase awareness of Repour and our custom-branding opportunities,” said Lutz. 
Repour enables on-premise beverage managers to expand their By-The-Glass (BTG) programs and improve customer experience while at the same time decreasing expenses and increasing profits. 
Wine labels, wine retailers, and other industry organizations are using custom-branded Repour stoppers for both their own use by sales reps and in tasting rooms, as well as for programs to differentiate their wines at the point-of-purchase in retail.  “As a Repour distributor, Main St. is excited about the possibilities for Repour to help wine brands increase their exposure and ultimately, their sales,” said Kevin Mitchell, Senior Account Director with t he Main St. Group. 
More Information about Repour
Tom Lutz, Ph.D. is the Inventor and Founder of the patent-pending Repour Wine Saver.  Repour is offered in single, single with hanger, 4-pack, 10-pack, and 72-pack options.   The custom-branded stoppers are available for an additional 20%.
Repour is available in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.  Consumers can order Repour on Amazon and Interested and qualified stores, restaurants, and bars can purchase wholesale from Repour easily through  Organizations interested in the custom-branded Stoppers can also purchase through the Main St. Group by emailing or calling 888-428-8805.
Repour is manufactured in Cedar Rapids, IA.  More information on Tom’s story and how Repour works can be found at, on Repour’s YouTube channel, and on social media at @repourwinesaver.